Featured Beeminders

gudamor/wake's progress graph

Gudamor: Wake and Weigh

+1 due Fri by 23:59

gudamor/weight's progress graph

Gudamor: Weight Loss

+2.44 due May 29 by 00:00am

rhuseinh/weight's progress graph

rhuseinh: 75 kg by December 2020

-0.1 due Fri night by 00:00am

youkad/meditation's progress graph

darka: 🧘‍♂️Meditation

+1 due Sat night by 00:00am

youkad/waking_up's progress graph

darka: ⏰ Wake up early

+1 due Tue night by 00:00am

donedamned/lesen's progress graph

donedamned: Data Learning

+0.71917 due Jan 31 by 00:00am

gudamor/sleep's progress graph

Gudamor: Sleep

+1.37143 due Fri night by 00:00am

bvansomeren/productivity's progress graph

bvansomeren: productivity

+0.72092 due Sat night by 00:00am

asifm/very-productive's progress graph

asifm: 21 hrs of very productive work per week

+1.24806 due Wed night by 00:00am

mangoman/sleep's progress graph

mangoman: Bee serious about sleep

+5.51667 due Feb 02 by 00:00am

ajcv/writing's progress graph

ajcv: Outcome-driven writing blocks

+1.28572 due Mon night by 00:00am

chriswax/garminsteps's progress graph

Chris: garminsteps

+866 due Feb 13 by 00:00am

nick/skritter's progress graph

nick: Study Chinese on Skritter

+7.91667 due Mon night by 04:00am

tracy_reader/tidying's progress graph

Tracy_reader: Tidying

+5 due Tue night by 00:00am

gbear605/clozemaster's progress graph


+931 due Mon night by 05:00am

shaidil/daily_beemergencies's progress graph

shaidil: 3 beemergencies per day allowed

limit +679 (~227 safe days)

chriswax/gym's progress graph

Chris: Gym

+1 due Feb 04 by 00:00am

codesections/meditate's progress graph

codesections: Meditate

+30 due Mon night by 03:00am