You want to just voluntarily give money to Beeminder?

We're shocked/delighted/blushing that people ask about this so often. What you should really do is set some ambitious goals and chalk up the initial derailments to a fair fee for Beeminder's service. People joke about how Beeminder makes money by people failing at their goals but of course it's the opposite (or that's only true in a myopic sense). Beeminder makes its money along the way as you work your way towards god-like awesomeness. If you are never derailing on any of your goals then either you didn't need Beeminder much in the first place, or the threat of even that first $5 sting is so scary that it keeps you in line. Either way, it's probably good that you're getting Beeminder for free. Nonetheless, for those who insist — and thanks so much! — this button should do the trick: (Or Bitcoin us — 16bJtm2HCjwcHn1UtCWn92CNQf4mpUGWRR — which we'll also take as a vote for adding Bitcoin as a payment option for commitment contracts on Beeminder.)
PS, yet more ways to give us money: