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2013-04-19 1.0 you can't use the world's most comprehensive encyclopedia as your Slow News source because it's pretty much real-time
2013-04-09 1.0 there's an app on my phone that can measure my heart rate by detecting tiny fluctuations in the color of my face via the phone's video camera
2013-03-19 1.0 there's a new android phone coming out next month (samsung galaxy s4) that has a screen resolution higher than my laptop's 1440x900 pixels. though i guess that's a retina-like display where the pixel count becomes meaningless. which itself is of course amazing. i guess once retina displays are the norm, only size (ie, the physical dimensions of the screen) matters.
2013-03-18 1.0 the atomic bomb is technologically amazing and though it's not something to be grateful for, we can be grateful that we've managed not to use it to decimate humanity. HT Michael Tiffany, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategic_Arms_Limitation_Talks
2013-03-16 1.0 i'm wearing a watch that can measure my heartrate without a chest strap. mybasis.com
2013-03-14 1.0 you know how wonderfully amazing it would be if we cured cancer? well my impression is that we're kind of at least halfway there, at least from my informal sampling of people i know whose cancer modern medicine has thoroughly vanquished compared to those who've died. obviously it takes a huge toll still, even on survivors, but compare to a few generations ago when cancer was an unambiguous death sentence.
2013-03-11 1.0 my friend had to have her uterus removed due to cancer risk so she first got several fertilized embryos -- her own babies, mind you! -- cryogenically frozen to be brought to term later by a family member. the mind: it boggles.
2013-03-08 1.0 i've probably already mentioned my phone by now but check this out: i had an errand to run across town so i had google maps give me spoken directions while I read a novel (also on my phone) as i walked through downtown in the beautiful sunshine. apologies to those who find people walking down the street with their noses in their phones super obnoxious. but note that if it weren't for that option i'd have preferred to drive, which incurs a greater social cost (pollution, congestion, and traffic accidents). anyway, for today's amazing thing i'll go with the fact that google maps on my phone has, i think, now subsumed the utility of a dedicated gps navigation device, which were already a total godsend.
2013-03-05 1.0 i've been playing back-to-back scrabble games with my grandma via my phone (and grandma via ipad) for a couple years now
2013-03-04 1.0 long list of things to be amazed by at optometrist. have i already been amazed by materials science? oh, and how i just pulled out my phone and video-chatted with bethany to get her 2 cents about which glasses to get.
2013-03-01 1.0 it's about to be commonplace to be able to capture whatever you're looking at as a picture by saying 'ok glass take a picture'. i'm not sold on all of the glass hype but that feature alone is simply amazing.
2013-02-26 1.0 it's hardly an exaggeration to say that there are infinite number of things i could write here. http://what-if.xkcd.com/34/ . wow, language. i mean holy freaking crap. it's, like, whatever, I can't even describe it.
2013-02-24 1.0 meeting josh estelle and family for dinner, not only could we coordinate in real time by voice or text, he caused to appear in my hand a map with his real time location and current speed. (my first time trying glympse -- super slick)
2013-02-23 1.0 my watch shows upcoming events on my calendar (and text messages and incoming calls). until recently it's been sad how little watch technology had advanced since the casio calculator and tele-memo watch i had as a kid. that's finally changing.
2013-02-21 1.0 as blake lambert says, i'm grateful to be skateful. skates are a brilliant form of transportation. approximately as fast as a bike, but with no moving parts, except the wheels themselves (literally no moving parts in the case of ice skates). and you can wear them, and put them in a backpack. so you don't have to have a place to lock them up, or be limited by what other forms of transportation you can switch to, like with a bike. it's just like, wear this and you can magically triple your speed -- no external machinery required (well, ok, we're assuming roads). it's pretty much like having a super hero cape or something.
2013-02-17 1.0 seen on twitter: 'When I feel depressed, I think, I'm doing pretty well for minerals and water, stirred under sun for 4.7 billion years. Most of it is mud.' so, yeah, being a sentient life-form. damn.
2013-02-15 1.0 my brother fell and broke his front teeth clean off when he was a kid. wait, that's not the amazing and wonderful part. he got composites glued on that have functioned perfectly to this day. you can't even tell. materials science ftw.
2013-02-13 1.0 specialization / division of labor. everywhere you look in daily life, whole human lifetimes have been devoted to trivial improvements in your comfort and convenience.
2013-02-11 1.0 it's not quite right to just say 'cars are amazing'. if you took one back in time it wouldn't last long, even if you could procure fuel, which you couldn't. the amazingness requires a vast, elaborate infrastructure with thousands or millions of people working to maintain it every day.
2013-02-09 1.0 today, while driving (being driven) to a play, i wanted to know why the oceans are salty. typing 'why are the o' was enough for google to guess what i wanted to know. (just typing 'why is' is enough for it to come up as the 2nd guess, after, of course, 'why is the sky blue?') to say it's like having a full encyclopedia in my pocket is only the tip of the iceberg.
2013-02-07 1.0 you know those dystopian novels where civilization collapses, money becomes worthless, etc? it's pretty amazing that humans apparently have their shit together enough that that doesn't actually happen.
2013-02-04 1.0 one word: plastics. it's so easy to take the amazingness of plastic for granted but imagine the market value a few generations ago of a plastic screw-top bottle. it would be huge. nearly weightless, leak-proof, unbreakable. it's pretty much magical. and what does such a marvel of engineering cost? to say they're free to every man, woman, and child is an understatement. in fact, if this were a journal of how much everything sucked I could be complaining about the problem of disposing of the surplus of them. which is amazing.
2013-02-01 1.0 self-control is the biggest problem facing many of the world's people
2013-01-30 1.0 Andy Brett: I had a good one today - cars are fucking amazing; Me: i hate them, yet i can't help but agree; Andy: like, that thing has been sitting in subfreezing temperatures, mostly idle, for six weeks and suddenly, on a whim, I'm like, 'I want you to whisk me magically to the ocean in full climate control. and I want to go FAST'; Me: and compare to the alternative of horses and carriages -- like orders of magnitude better on every dimension *including cost*
2013-01-27 1.0 the invention of money. consider the crazy coordination problem that's being solved when you do whatever your day job is and manage to convert that into food, shelter, toys, and anything else that any combination of other humans can possibly do or create for you. arguably money is the most fundamental prerequisite for human civilization, since what is civilization but the solving of just that kind of massive coordination problem?

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