Meet the Beeminder Team

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Daniel Reeves, Co-founder/CEO

hours: 18567

Danny has his PhD from the University of Michigan, studying computational game theory, and previously was a research scientist at Yahoo, working on incentive systems. This makes him a (self-proclaimed-but-he's-kinda-serious) Expert on Akrasia. He likes transfinite set theory, mechanism design, and chasing bikes on his skates.

Bee 100 abbc7dd6078b68a6e3380d713ccb9cffb23c937574830372a987f932fbb9c323

Queen Bee, Co-founder/CTO

hours: 15233

Bethany (Soule) is a Master of Science by authority of Columbia University (in CS and Machine Learning), and our local Ruby on Rails expert. Aside from building Beeminder she's also into lifting heavy things, riding her bicycle as fast as she can, and climbing stairs competitively. She speaks publicly about her crazy Quantified Self life-hackery and sources say she's pretty nice.

Chelsea 100 431b0d111d5e12729c9054ca8141e68436989b84c32a263df197671007dbe4f8

Chelsea Miller, Support Czar

hours: countless (literally)

Chelsea is interested in everything and frequently obsessed with something. After watching Legally Blonde at age 10, she decided her ultimate goal in life was to be a stylish lawyer. Fortunately, that flame burned out before age 11. She bounced around four majors before graduating and fervently wishes she could get a do-over (and get all four). One day she will build a website, seriously. She swears. For real. She originally found Beeminder in April 2014 and is still beeminding and answering support emails, so this obsession might be for keeps...

Alys 100 6effed830ba8103daab6368273ff067f2ed2fd2546fc709bd7b619b1ffcfe63c

Alys, Habitica Liaison

hours: 347

Alice Harris aka Alys is a secret agent minus the secrecy. She's not only a hardcore fan of both Habitica and Beeminder, but also works for both them and us. At Habitica she's an admin and moderator and programmer. At Beeminder she helps answer support emails and hacks on the Beeminder + Habitica autodata integration. Sources say she lives in Australia.

Lily 100 2ba62fd4c59221d2209f3f10b522892058ce204219ff7dca1d8c5358561f1981

Lillian Karabaic, Minister of the Exterior

hours: countless (literally)

Lillian Karabaic lives in Portland, Oregon where she participates in a variety of niche interests, like creating a community podcasting studio in a 1960's airstream trailer, leading thousands of costumed bikers in the Bowie vs Prince mobile dance party and taking a picture of every single item she purchased in the year 2015. Annually since 2008 she has made a personal data zine, collecting hordes of useless information about herself using spreadsheets and written journals and then running regressions on her life's data. Result? She is .01 happier for each burrito she eats, with a 95% confidence interval. She has a degree in Economics from Reed College.

Apb 100 54b1fe2534c6565fb0b624c1e5fb82258c4827e13ee876a433d48ce859420285

Andrew P. Brett, iOS and Chief Awesomeness Officer

hours: 7947

Andy is an itinerant gentleman farmer, engineer, and philosopher. He has run a marathon on every continent, including a 100k ultramarathon through the Blue Mountains of Australia during which he did not lose control of his bodily functions even once. He loves trains and enjoys making things out of trees.

Uluc 100 eb0ab816b01ffd893716292bbbc0b98883e72a2e714c06065ef4831f16c01769

Uluç Saranlı, Android and Beebrain Hacker

hours: 1662

Uluç is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science of Middle East Technical University, in Ankara, Turkey. His research interests also include robot programming architectures with formal properties as well as physically realistic simulation systems and embedded systems. Aside from some Very Serious computer science, e.g., building robots that can climb walls (I'm pretty sure that's true), he also works on the Beeminder Android app, and is a great ballroom dancer.

Philip 100 c4b91f5802d381b80bc0ae4e3a47c2b1e727cc4e5035ba8b62c71226ebd7bae7

Philip Hellyer, Beehavioural Marketing

hours: 1275

Philip walks on both sides of the strategy fence, both technical and business-oriented. As an enterprise architect, he sits between IT and the rest of the business, like a kind of strategic interpreter. As a mentor, he helps entrepreneurs think more clearly about their priorities and aspirations. As a speaker, he delights audiences by finding new perspectives on familiar topics. And as a flying trapeze "board monkey", he spends his summers encouraging people to jump. If you squint just right, it's all the same thing.

Mel 100 e1d766d73d48108bb6f580dfe337f5045fc35c7bdffae1a22e5a20427c82aaeb

Melanie Wicklow, Resident Fitness Expert

hours: countless (literally)

Melanie has a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois and worked as a personal trainer / wellness program manager for 8 years before staying home with her kids. She remains actively certified as a Health Fitness Specialist through the ACSM and is Beeminder's resident health and fitness expert. Melanie became sold on Beeminder in the early days when it beautifully motivated her to lose baby weight (yes, even personal trainers aren't magically motivated to lose weight). She loves sprint triathlons and other adventurous events.

Dgyang 100 748bcbccaf2b4b98aa999823ade704c0cd7a66b8c3b9da6432f4d2f53d61a4e3

David Yang, Advisor

hours: countless (literally)

David has a BS from University of Illinois and has previously worked at BrightWire, Gilt Groupe, RecycleBank, Yahoo, and Deloitte on web technology. He met Dan while at Yahoo where they created an internal prediction market and has used Beeminder for everything from losing weight to writing code. He loves sitting in front of his three monitors, biking on 9W, and hacking on cool projects. He is probably trying to finish one up right now if he could only find a way to keep himself on task... P.S. While we weren't looking he founded the most prestigious coding bootcamp in the world, Fullstack Academy.

Prj 100 4142db7142931eba2f87fdc445a3704a5f72af0441df4ff45020672e478f364f

Patrick Jordan, Advisor

hours: countless (literally)

Dr. Patrick Jordan is a marketplace and agent designer with expertise in modeling and reasoning about complex strategic environments through theory and experimentation. He has experience in designing automated and mix-initiative systems based on principles of decision theory, game theory, optimization, economic theory, and artificial intelligence.